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Deep dive into my Unstoppable Entrepreneurship book

I recently took a deep dive into my book  Unstoppable Entrepreneurship  on The Entrepreneurs Library. Listen to my interview  with Wade Danielson on   The Entrepreneurs Library .  That was my first interview ever on podcast overseas. Skype seemed to work well during interview. I did not prepare very well, but first interview is always a little bit exciting. Next time I can be better. These radio/podcast interviews are something that you can learn only live on radio or podcast. You can be unstoppable, if you want to. Have a successful life! Ilkka O. Lavas unstoppable entrepreneur Twitter:  @lavas LinkedIn: Author Profile at Amazon UK: Unstoppable Entrepreneurship book:  

Going Global is about being local

I have been working on internet field for 18 years. I have been building web sites, ecommerce and online software for thousands of companies at W3 Group Finland Ltd. In many projects we create local sites for international multi nationality companies. Going global is about being local in each country. I am co-founder in  Finland Shop, that sells Finnish sweets, food and 3000 more products to more than 100 countries including UK, USA, Australia, China etc all around the Europe and all territories. There we need to localise payment terms, product descriptions in many languages, currency, payment terms and even customs are different in many countries. Being global is not easy task. My book is going to be for sale in about 100 countries. My main sales partners are Amazon, Apple and Ingram Spark. There I need also localise. I updated today my Author profile for the book project on Amazon USA last week. Now I need to update local pages on Amazon UK, France and Germany. In

Sisu definition: an emphatic persistence and perseverance – plus the willingness to live life to the fullest.

Never Give Up My friend has cancer. A liver tumour causes him chronic, severe pain and pressure. He told me how hard it is to live in constant pain. It’s difficult to sleep, and yet he doesn’t have the strength to stay awake because the pain relievers makes him so exhausted. And it doesn’t matter if he sits or stands – there’s no comfortable position for him. But my friend fights this cancer, even though he’s under constant care. He had to accept his situation and give his life over to his doctor’s hands – to have the courage to ask for help. Near the end of his care programme, a large part of his liver was removed, leaving only a small part left to live with. Soon after his care was completed, he started feeling better. His doctors couldn’t remove all of the cancer because it was so widely spread, and gave him half a year to live – one year, max. Well, he was still alive and fighting half a year after doctors thought he would be dead. He didn’t let cancer control his li

Unstoppable Entrepreneurship Kindle version is coming soon

Unstoppable Entrepreneurship Kindle version is coming soon. I got last version from proofreader and updated the Kindle ebook file. After couple of hours of fine tuning with Table Of Contents etc fine tune I got first final version of the book ready and sent that to Kindle Direct Publishing service. Amazon suggested to set price to 4.49 to achieve more sales and book deliveries. My mission is to improve life and skills of entrepreneurs so I find that price reasonable. In Finland my hardcover book is selling for 19,90 € and I have delivered 1500 copies. Kindle ebook is now at discount for USD 4.49 which very good price for this international version of the unique entrepreneurship book. You can order my Entrepreneurship Book now at: Have a successful life! Ilkka O. Lavas unstoppable entrepreneur Twitter:  @lavas   LinkedIn: A

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Has “Sisu”

Unstoppable Entrepreneuship author Ilkka O. Lavas preparing for half-triathlon. Being unstoppable means you have Finnish “sisu” at your core. Sisu means taking action against the odds and displaying courage and determination in the face of adversity. It’s about deciding on a course of action, then sticking to that decision despite repeated failures. Some people feel that sisu also implies a bit of madness – the type of reckless sense of adventure that inspires a person to take on something in the face of incredible odds. Sisu is the secret ingredient of life that empowers entrepreneurs. I’ve spoken with thousands of entrepreneurs and noticed that it’s true – entrepreneurs have special superpowers! They have sisu, along with good habits. And they also have a crazy sense of adventure when it comes to taking on risks. That makes them unstoppable. As an entrepreneur I love helping people so much that it doesn’t make sense – one might even call it a bit “crazy”. I love

Entrepreneur Author profile on Amazon

Amazon has page for authors. Authors or publishers can manage that via Author Central. On author page, you can link your Twitter account, blogs, picture and add short description about your bio. You can find my page on . Some readers of your book may be interested about your background. That bio is also important for Amazon to provide important information for book buyers. You are responsible for your own happiness. If you expect others to make you happy, you will always be disappointed. Have a successful life! Ilkka Lavas Unstoppable Serial Entrepreneur

Deadline for Unstoppable Entrepreneuship Kindle book is getting closer

I got email today from Kindle reminding me that my deadline for Unstoppable Entrepreneuship Kindle book is getting closer. Book will be out before christmas 2014 Proofreader sent me email and promised to send final final version of the book to me tomorrow. Exciting times. Then I will finalise the ebook -version and publish my first book on Amazon and Kindle. Exciting times. My book is now available for pre ordet at Amazon Kindle . Have a successful life! Enjoy your life! Ilkka O. Lavas Unstoppable serial entrepreneur Twitter:  @lavas

Be Prepared, case First Inverview regarding my Unstoppable Entrepreneuship book

Today I had my first interview regarding my Unstoppable Entrepreneurship book. I had a really busy day and I did not prepare well enough. I got interview questions 3 hours before interview but I was in the meeting and I did not have time to read trough those questions. Fortunately I had copy of my book script and I spread it all around the office floor. Last minute preparation. At office we have very Good Skype microphone (Jabra) and fast 1000/1000 internet connection. I was not prepared enough, but still I was in time and made some preparations before scheduled meeting. Be Prepared If you are going to job interview, sales meeting, board meeting or any meeting I strongly suggest that you prepare for that in advance. Consider who is invited Stick to your schedule Send agenda to participants before meeting. Read agenda and questions in advance  Test technique in advance: Skype Microphones, video projectors etc. Start on time, end on time Follow up I failed on preparat

Unstoppable Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship book Unstoppable Entrepreneurship Background of my Entrepreneurship book I was 17 years old and would soon finish high school. A friend asked if I knew anyone who could make web pages for his company. “I can!” I said, and scored my first customer. Now at 35, I’ve been through over ten business transfers, successful times, hard times and even failures. Eighteen years of experience has made me stronger.   Unstoppable entrepreneurship is something that helps people and companies to be more successful. Being unstoppable makes people win again and again. You can learn from successful people and winners, and become, yourself, unstoppable. I wrote the first draft of this book with my smartphone while in Thailand. The experiences that have taught me the most and the principles that have helped me in my entrepreneurial career are documented here. My hope is that you’ll read this book, get new ideas on how to be more successful, and most importantly, find the