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What is Kiwi App on Facebook and why am I getting a lot of invites for it ?

Kiwi App on Facebook is spreading like a virus. Be careful when installing. Installing the Kiwi app sends automatic invites to all your Facebook friends as they were selected by default. Typically people want to invite people to good apps if they like app but not like this :(
Is Kiwi App dangerous?
Yes. Kiwi invites your all friend by default. You have to be very professional user to skip automatic invitation. Some people call it virus marketing.
Kiwi App, 10 million downloads
Kiwi App has been downloaded for 10 million times. In Kiwi app you can ask questions from your friends or random people. You can ask questions anonymously and leave questions by location on map.
In Kiwi App you can ask your friends questions and answer theirs. Kiwi App is spreading fast like a virus because you can invite your Facebook friends to it accidentally.

Kiwi invites your all Facebook friends by default. Be careful when installing.
Kiwi App is similar to
Kiwi app is a little bit like, but it's location based asking is new. You can leave questions where you are and people nearby can answer your question.
Be careful when installing apps. Some of them may not handle your facebook friends politely. Have a successful life!

Ilkka O. Lavas
Kiwi user who someway somehow managed to skip invite all friends page but got 55 invites in 2 days :)


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